“Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity”

Do You Own A Restaurant? Lets Talk

I will help you make your restaurant profitable

By becoming your assistant and helping with new and existing projects of design changes, menu compilation, all costs and the smooth running of the business, large or small.

My Proven 3 Step Method

Work with me for 6 months and I’ll help you turn around your business by improving your cost controls, achieving better marketing exposure and working with your management and systems.


  • Analyze the whole business to gain market knowledge.
  • Better ways to Market business.
  • Increase sales by reviewing current sales and marketing activity and implementing into new markets.
  • Review Food & Drink Menus to ensure correct pricing and introduce modern customer trends.
  • Review competitors to ensure correct placement in marketplace.
  • Look for Banqueting and Event opportunities.
  • Review the building to enhance curb appeal.
  • Maximize the potential sales by utilizing all existing sales material and suggest new and useful tools.

Prime Coststwo

  • Review profit and loss accounts, last 3 years to identify issues.
  • Prime costs of Labor and Cost of Sales concerns.
  • Meet with Management and Chef to introduce my role and clarify my assistance moving forward.
  • Install systems for Management and Chef to adhere to revealing daily cost information.
  • These systems will ensure constant day by day controls
  • Train methods to reduce these prime costs.
  • Review labor scheduling to ensure maximum efficiencies.
  • Implement the many ways to reduce cost of sales.
  • Join Restaurant buying group of many independent restaurants to gain buying strengths.


  • Assist owner in setting up advertising for key personnel.
  • Short-list these key personnel.
  • Interview and assist owner in hiring the best management and chef for the position required.

Other Costs

  • Review other costs; Linen, Merchant Services,
  • Paper/Disposables to ensure minimal cost.

Keith Simpson - A bit about myself

With over 40 years of restaurant and catering experience, including catering for the British Royal family and heads of the British Government and owning and operating 3 successful restaurants and a Catering company in California from 1996 - 2013 I am confident in what I can do for your business.

Restaurant Consulting

I have consulted for numerous restaurant owner/operators improving their cost controls and achieving better marketing exposure.

Helping you "See the Wood from the Trees"

Owners are often so busy that they cannot see the ‘Wood from the Trees’ and are endlessly trying to better their business and lose control of the costs while only searching to increase sales.

“Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity.”

A few of the amazing clients I have worked with


Keith Simpson


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